What is cancer, scorpion or fish?

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Astrological signs associated with the water element are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water is linked to the human function of emotion. Air is about thinking, touching the ground with physical touch and fire, intuition. People born in watermarks are gifted in therapy, cooking, creativity and accommodation. Read below the classic features of watermarks and see if you are familiar with yourself.

Cancer – soft interior, June 21-July 22

Crabs are among the most sensitive people in the zodiac. They generally do not show their compassionate nature, which is sometimes considered vulnerable. The crabs seem to be strong and tend to keep the tenderness and concern of others secret. Crabs make choices with emotions and intuition rather than reason and logic.

Crabs are primarily concerned with creating home security and preserving family life. Because of their protective and nourishing tendencies, the crabs suppress or hold. They are more simple and unnecessary. If a Cancer talks about a difficult subject, you will notice that it is tactful and sympathetic. Honesty and equality, as well as good reputation and hard work are important for cancerous diseases. Crabs think carefully about emotions and intuitions, not about reason and logic.

Crabs are passionate about food, cooking, and restaurants. Interestingly, this signal regulates the stomach. Because of their sensitivity, they are prone to problems with the stomach or diet. Crabs generally enjoy the public. If so, they will be entertaining, witty and approachable to the party. They are also inclusive and recognize common emotional bonds. If Unlike Others Cancers start with the passive resistance strategy, but if the strike becomes warrior. Crabs can be cozy and easy to hurt, but they can be comforted too.

As one of the Cardinal signs, the crabs focus on the outside. They are impulsive, expressive, and want to start things. In the astrological progression of the zodiac, Cancer takes on the discovery of Ovar, the definition of Taurus and the shared experience of Gemini, and seeks to transform these elements into a harmonious unitary unit. Since they are so idealistic, crabs can face difficulties with ideas that can not be realized.

The crabs are devoted, patient and forgiven. They often complain about the past, old friends, and good times.

Scorpio – Sign of Desire, October 23-November 21

Scorpio is a watermark associated with the ocean. The people born under the Scorpio sign are deep and unfathomable. The sign of healing and desire to be clean. Scorpios is an excellent doctor. Many Scorpios are struggling with an unwanted or inevitable aspect of their lives. In general, they have to undergo changes that are forced on them in their lives. They never give up behavior and can be inventive when it comes out of attachment. Such signals are often constrained during the search to find parts that are unknown or not. In this process, they may be fatalistic, which may become despair, struggle and victim.

Scorpios is known for how to celebrate their lives. They have very moody, dynamic personalities. They are usually of a very sexual nature and have a very large volume to overcome emotional problems. Brave and generous romantic enthusiasts are devoted, even if they are insecure in relationships.

Due to the aging of the Scorpios, it is important to have the spiritual path to follow. They focus on their inner qualities when they seek their ideas. They are forced to leave old old parts while they adopt the new state of life and responsibility. The challenge for Scorpio is to see beauty, love and vitality from the other side.

Scorpios can be mysterious and trusted to be kept secret. They love the time alone. Do not wait for them to be terribly exposed. Unique and brilliant, less talkative than most but dear. The Scorpios are silently huge. They are not sufficiently sensitive to praise. They're just angry when they're provoked and they can be revenge. Scorpions can be called intense, sarcastic, suspicious, wondrous, and unpredictable. Scorpio has a strong integrity. They are diligent, honest, patient and difficult to understand because they think differently.

The Nose, Bladder and Sex Are Sensitive Areas for Scorpios

Pisces – A Sign of Integrity, February 20 – March 20

Fish is governed by Neptune, a planet of social commitment. Fish often felt the pressure on cultural demands. They have great expectations for others. They are required to serve the ethnic, religious or social groups to which they belong. Sometimes the guilt of the group's mistakes or the role of the martyr. Some Pisces deal with social pressure or conditioning through unhealthy escape modes. Fish are well-known to the institutions and the charitable causes.

Fish are sensitive and psychic. They are deeply driven into spiritual growth. They are sympathetic and respond to the thoughts and feelings of others. It is painful if members of a group do not participate or the party is not doing well. Pisces prefer not to rape or aggressive sports.

Fish is a river water, fluid and moving. Pisces fluctuate – shallow, then deep, slow, then fast, pessimistic one day, optimistic the following. Emotionally, fish are known to be shy, vulnerable, mysterious, intimate, and maintained. As comfortable as you are, they pay attention.

Fish insist on honesty and generosity in relationships. There is little tolerance for self-deception or lack of integrity. Fish always want the right thing to do.

He's passionate, understanding and apologetic. They generally argue. They love peace and tranquility. They are often musically talented or artistic and enjoy working with home decor. Fish love to fantasy and travel

Pisces regulate the legs and the glands in the body

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