Royal Jelly Cancer Cure: Really Exist?

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royal jelly natural materials such as holistic healing. It can not be reproduced because of complicated laboratory components. Direct people harvesting the hives in small quantities. As a result, the management of fresh royal jelly paste determining diseases such as cancer is difficult. Most of closed capsules, tablets and powder. Discussions are going on royal jelly and research on the impact of cancer. It was this bee product qualities to fight oppression?

Although there are no conclusive studies done so far with cancer, doctors have tried them mice. Doctors usually transplant tumor cells in rat body so that it can start to tumors. Then it is treated with gel alone or with other materials. A number of studies have been conducted in this way in countries such as China, where the royal jelly is combined with an herb called ginseng.

some studies indicate that the jelly has been effectively used for leukemia. Other clinical trials have clearly demonstrated that the use of royal jelly and cisplatin (a strong chemotherapy drugs) reduces the likelihood of cisplatin destroys the liver and kidneys. The role of milk in this case the uterus to reduce lipid peroxidation. It also raises the power of antioxidants such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase in the body.

your cancer and undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy? If so, you already are aware of the side effects of the two therapies. Like most sufferers, feel very tired and sick after the treatments. In addition, you will probably burns, hair loss and mouth ulcers now. First of all, you do not feel too worried because of the unknown consequences that cancer. You are not alone in this.

Countless men, women and children, who feel completely worn out after cancer treatments. According to Professor Fang Zhu, the Lianyugang Apitherapy Hospital, China, Gel relieves the effects of radio and chemotherapy. Fang Zhu believes that this bee product enhances immunity in cancer patients. Bee milk make it important for cancer patients hydroxy-decanoic among the elements. It is a fatty acid which can be found only in uterine material.

It has been used successfully to inhibit the malignant leukemia cells in mice. When applied in the fight against cancer with royal jelly and ginseng, patients show amazing improvement as zinc minerals found in ginseng. Additional anticancer agents include those bee milk vitamin E and C These antioxidants, which are known to be very important to the human immune system.

Saying that the royal jelly contain anti-cancer elements is one thing, while the elements necessary to establish the amount to cure the cancer to another. One way to find out how cancer patients feel that the uterine material to surf the Internet. Some patients who have reviewed the supplements they use to alleviate the discomfort of cancer. Read the reviews and testimonials may give you the confidence you need to try royal jelly cancer supplements.

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