physiological and psychological effects on Cancer

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Cancer, as we know, a life-changing experience for all cancer patients, friends and family. Cancer and cancer treatment equally drastic physiological and psychological effects on the sufferer. Knowing these effects prior to treatment you get a head-start and a chance to mentally prepare yourself just a little bit because of what's to come. This information can help you weigh the odds, is to want to go through the treatment or not.

The physiological effects of Cancer.

sexual dysfunction Some cancer patients and survivors, there may be some level of sexual dysfunction. This can happen to both males and females and there are ways around it.

Chronic pain: The cancer treatment may experience a consistent, long-cancer chronic pain.

infertility Both male and female patients and survivors may infertility.

constant fatigue patients and survivors often feel constantly tired and do not have the motivation or energy to complete simple everyday tasks.

numbness numbness caused by a so-called "neuropathy". The most commonly numbness in the hands and feet of the patient.

Osteoporosis: There is a condition in which the bones are very brittle and weak. Thus, the cancer patients are more prone to fractures and broken bones.

Incontinence: uncontrollable urination effect in some patients.

Several types of cancer it is possible that another cancer will be diagnosed one another. It is best to find this out through your doctor as soon as possible.

Hair Loss Hair loss is common in cancer treatment. If this is the problem, consult with your doctor about how to deal with hair loss.

Ostomies stoma is a surgical opening, a connecting tube to a bag outside the body.

Psychological Effects of Cancer.

Stress to the high level of stress is often attributed to the cancer and may have a common side effect.

Low confidence By treating the physical and mental changes and cancer patients can, which often leads to low self-esteem and confidence.

Depression Depression often found in cancer patients and survivors. This is due to

to the physical effects of cancer treatment.

If you see any of these side effects either for yourself or for a loved one, after surgery, please remind your doctor that can give advice on what steps to take next.If has been found to have cancer, or someone you know that he was diagnosed with cancer, trying to help them understand fully what they are against, prior to any treatment. Get your doctor to explain everything in detail the pros and cons, and each via so mentally prepared for what is ahead.

is very important that cancer patients have a strong network of friends and relatives to help them get through the problems of cancer and chemotherapy.

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