Pancreatic cancer – diseases of the pancreas and coconut oil

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Pancreatic cancer affects the pancreas. This is a gland located in the back of the upper part of the abdomen near the spine. Two of the pancreas and pancreatic hormone production in multiple functions. Cells rákosodnak when the control mechanisms that direct cell growth malfunction, creating a turbulence cell division. Uncontrolled growth continues until the cells develop a malignancy.

It is difficult to identify in the early stages of pancreatic cancer. Typically, only the later stages, this causes a torque in the stomach and the pain experienced. Pancreatic cancer symptoms are often non-specific, can be variable, and characterize a number of potential problems, and pancreatic cancer. Itching, jaundice, pale stools and dark urine routinely indicates the growth of pancreatic cancer. Pain in the upper abdominal area extends from the middle of the back, if the tumor is progressive. Fatigue, decreased energy, loss of appetite and weight loss can be spotted. A good indicator of endocrine tumors in the secretion of pancreatic polypeptide. The initial symptoms of pancreatic cancer could be the formation of blood clots.


pancreatic cancer is usually divided into sections with the extent of the cancer. These nodes, tumors and metastases and on the size and function. 4. metastatic pancreatic cancer stage where the disease has spread to distant organs, for example liver and inoperable. Each stage can be treated, but can be used only phase 1 and 2.

Other typical pancreatic cancer treatment comprises chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and several different types of vaccines, various options for pain relief and support service system. Another option for individuals pancreatic cancer to take part in the research (clinical trials pancreatic cancer) to try a new treatment before they are used in the others. Pancreatic cancer drug trials new hope for improved survival rates of pancreatic cancer.

The disease of the pancreas, acute pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas, which further suddenly, lasts a short time, and in general will be better. It is associated with gallstones or alcohol abuse. Abstinence, alcohol and eating large meals, should be called, and preventive measures should be taken to avoid future attacks

Chronic pancreatitis, another disease of the pancreas, the different ways to do resolve itself. Pain and scarring of the pancreas occurs when digestive enzymes attack the pancreas and cause damage to the surrounding tissues. An attack of acute pancreatitis chronic pancreatitis may set in, but it is more general, especially in years of alcohol abuse. A diet that is low in fat and high in carbohydrates are recommended.

By now, you're probably wondering why coconut oil is mentioned in the title. Well, it is because we have many important nutritional and medicinal purposes and is recommended for those with digestive problems. This is because the coconut oil comprising medium-chain fatty acid triglycerides which are rapidly digested. This means that the pancreatic enzymes are not necessary, because at the time when they enter the intestinal tract they have been split into fatty acids. These are absorbed into the portal vein immediately and directly to the liver where they are used to produce energy. This means that the circulation is not the level that other fats do. Consequently, there is no build up of fat in fat cells or arterial walls. The fatty acids that are not only energy fat or arterial plaque.

coconut oil provides a quick and easy food source because it is easy to digest and helps the assimilation of other nutrients. For this reason, it has been recommended for the treatment of malnutrition, (which can be a problem to a person suffering from pancreatic cancer). coconut oil can help with fatigue and a whole range of conditions, because the antimicrobial effect of the defeat of organisms in the body that may be draining power and the status of the causative organism.

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