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is a continuous need for cheaper and less damaging treatments, the rise of natural medicine is really inevitable. You might have heard a variety of alternative herbal medicines advertised in the market. One such alternative treatment is quickly gaining popularity Graviola. However, there are actually a closely related plant more healing properties than Graviola Graviola and this mountain.

Mountain Graviola, commonly known as mountain soursop, Annona tree belonging to a family. The tree is a famous herb and is found in Central America and the Caribbean. This is very similar to the Graviola tree and two plants are often mistakenly considered to be the same. But as a look alike, and the same plant family, they are for others to prove chemical composition. the scientific name is used to distinguish when referring to all plants.

Annona montana or Mountain Graviola leaves are brighter and wider than those of Annona muritica or Graviola. In addition, Montana bear fruits faster. These fibrous fruit pulp and woman about 15 meters long. Montana fruit is said to be sourer than muritica years.

Muritica rose to fame as an alternative cures for cancer contains 82 acetogenins. As compared muritica Montana more of these beneficial substances. 108 Mountain Graviola acetogenins. The acetogenins annonacin significant anticancer chemical found in all the trees, but the higher content montana.

Mountain Graviola ATP inhibitors have a similar effect as muricata. It also promotes the building body resistance against cancer and other diseases are usually fatal to the digestive track and the cardiovascular system. Tests showed that mountain Graviola destroys cancer cells faster than Andramycin, a drug used in chemotherapy of lung cancer. patients receiving liver and ovarian cancer in mountainous Graviola herbal medicines is healed, only one year. Among them, the cured patients, no one has reported that it has acquired recurrent cancer. Mountain Graviola is said to be the most effective liver cancer that affects the ATP nucleotides nearby organ. Ovarian cancer is one of the highest death rate per year. Montana acetogenins are effective given the tumor and eliminates damaged cells before they reach other organs.

muricata and the combined extracts are often used Montante enhanced the effectiveness of the supplement manufacturers. Research shows that a combination of these plants Annona more potent for treating cancers, such as surgery and chemotherapy. Furthermore, they do not pose any side effects in the body. The natural supplements and herbal remedies do not cause damage to other organs than conventional cancer treatments do. Even when combined with medication, supplements Annona is safe. In fact, the combined and separate eating and muritica montana, haste and escalated the effects of antihypertensive drugs of animal test subjects.

However, remember that taking supplements Annona is not as effective as taking the muritica Montana and food. The accessories have been mixed with other synthetic materials, thus reducing the content of plant acetogenins.

Mountain Graviola can be considered one of the best discoveries in the medical industry. The more than one hundred acetogenins useful, it would be surprising that this plant is able to cure many fatal diseases other than cancer.

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