Cancer: The Silent Killer

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In everyday life, we encounter the "cancer" often enough. This is the unspoken fear all of us. Once a rare disease, cancer spreads rapidly in the modern world.

But what the hell? What does this actually mean? The human body is made up of small bricks called "cells". There are trillions of microscopic cells in the body. These are the basic unit of life. Cells die and are born every day. Cancer these abnormal cells. As a result, the abnormal cells, functions of the human body do not interfere the leading to death if not time.

Cancer of both types. be "malicious", that is spreading to other parts of the body; or it may be "benign" that is localized only in a certain part of your body. The latter one is less afraid, and easy to use. If the cancer is malignant, it requires more aggressive and timely treatment.

cancer causes are manifold. There is a genetic material in all of us. this is known as DNA and is expressed in the form of genes. Any abnormal changes in the genes called "mutations" is the root cause of cancer. As a result of the mutation, cells go unchecked, repeated and abnormal cell proliferation and lead to cancer. This mutation may be a result of many things, such as chemicals, radiation, viruses such as hepatitis virus and aging, people are exposed to them at a higher risk that the cancer; example. People working in a tire factory are subjected to the vinyl chloride, which is known to cause liver cancer. It can be hereditary.

Contrary to popular belief, cancer can be cured. That cancer does not mean death. But the treatment requires a lot of effort on the patient and the doctor. We have to treat a wide variety of cancer drugs available. The treatment is commonly referred to cancer chemotherapy. There are different approaches to treatment. It depends on the stage of the cancer. This may require chemotherapy or radiation, or require them to cooperate with the surgery. But it's best to deal with when the time.

There are two ways to classify the advancement of cancer. These grading and staging. In this staging it is advantageous because it says the spread of cancer effectively.

The thing is, cancer patients need a lot of support. It is a long and time-consuming struggle. They need constant encouragement from family and friends. They must not have escaped alone rather they should be encouraged to fight against it. As they say "love is the best medicine '. There are many options to get rid of completely, if the non-compliance and follow-ups are good.

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