Alternative Names Breast Cancer

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Alternative Names breast cancer: breast cancer; Carcinoma – ductal; Carcinoma – lobular.

Other names used in people with familial; Malignant neoplasm of breast; cancer of the breast; and breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a disease in which certain cells of the breast are abnormal and proliferate or not to control the development of tumor. The most common form cells start lining the ducts that bring milk to the nipple (ductal carcinoma). Other shapes will start producing milk glands (lobular carcinoma) or in other areas of the breast.

However, not all breast cancers are similar. They are made in different areas of the breast, various names and work in different ways, although externally comes out the same.

The first term of the strength of mind that breast cancer "in situ" or "invasive". In situ cancers stay in the boundaries of the cell types have been created. In situ indicates "in place" to stay where it belongs and not spreading. Therefore, the in situ cancer sometimes called precancerous, indicating perhaps invasive cancers grow at a later date. Roughly 20-40% of in situ cancers will do this, if not removed. Currently, about 12% of breast cancers are detected in situ.

The second part of the name inform something having regard to the particular type of cancer. Many breast cancers get their name from the cells of the breast that turned out cancer. When cancer occurs in the cells of the tubes or lines which usually brings the milk nipple, the name "ductal" or wires. Eighty percent of breast cancers are ductal.

If the cancer occurs in the part of the breast, which generates the milk, then the name of a lobular cancer. The term "Lobular" lobes, or the establishment of a dairy structures. Ten percent lobular breast cancers. Another kind of cancer inflammatory breast cancer (3%), which appears in the breast, as the infection.

The names of other rare types explain what the pathologist determines if s / he is looking at in addition to cancer of the microscope. For example, tubular breast cancer is formed by a tubular structure, medullary breast cancer, the color of the part of the brain called medullary, mucinous tumors, mucus-like substance, and papillary cancer finger-like projections.

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